Glass Replacement Guide

Follow These Steps

  • Identify the type of glass required for the replacement:
    • Single Pane- a single piece of glass in the window frame.

    • Dual Pane (also called Insulated Glass)- 2 pieces of glass separated by an aluminum spacer, sealed together and then installed into a window frame. Dual pane windows may have grids or muntins that make the window look like it has many small separate panes of glass. Please mention if your window has grids and the grid pattern. Please note: A dual pane unit is a sealed unit that provides energy efficiency. If one piece of glass in the dual pane unit is broken and the other is intact, the entire unit must still be replaced.

    • Do I need tempered glass? Annealed (regular or natural) glass can be strengthened through a process called tempering, which allows the glass to break in a safer manner (shatters in small pieces) than annealed glass. It is required by building codes for many glass applications where there is a high risk of broken glass causing injury. Tempered glass can be used in both single pane and dual pane windows. Common codes requiring tempered glass include, but are not limited to:
      • within 24" of a door
      • within 18" of the floor
      • within a shower stall
      • above a bathtub
      • Any door (excluding cabinet doors)

  • Identify the type of frame. The most common are wood, aluminum and vinyl.

  • What holds the glass in? Most common are a rubber gasket, wood stops (strips) or putty.

  • Measure the window. It is important to have an approximate size of the glass required.

  • Send us this information via our Online Estimate form, or call, fax or email us for a quick, free and friendly quote. Provide any other details that may affect the glass replacement (example: higher than first floor, colored or obscure glass, broken frame, no outside access, missing parts, prior repair done incorrectly, bars on the windows, etc.).
broken glass window replacement

Other Considerations

  • What type of glass (single pane, dual pane, etc). If dual pane, are there grids or coatings?
  • Is the glass in a safety zone that requires tempered glass?
  • What kind of frame (wood, aluminum or vinyl)?
  • What holds the glass in the frame?
  • What is the approximate size?
  • Any obstacles to installation?
To save time and money, we also offer repairs if you bring the window into our shop. Same day service may be available.

Many replacements can be completed in one visit (single pane, non-tempered glass, or standard size patio doors), while others will require a visit to measure and identify the glass, and a return trip for installation after the glass has been fabricated.

Contact us today for more information on this or any of our other services.

Waiver: While we will perform a professional installation in a careful manner, we cannot be held responsible for damage to customer owned materials including wood stops, vinyl stops and grids. Touch-up paint may be required (not provided by King’s glass). All quotes are subject to site inspection.
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