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Glass Replacement & Home Windows

When You Need New Glass or Window Replacement in the San Diego Area, Call King's Glass & Screen

King's Glass offers a wide variety of glass replacement services for your house or apartment. Our technicians will provide the proper type of glass, and perform a safe, quality installation.

If you have a broken window, we can usually provide a free quote by email, fax or phone. Please supply the information requested on the estimate form. If you don't know, contact us and we'll help. We can also send a technician (service call fees may apply). More detailed information can be found below or by clicking here.
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Installing residential windows

Patio Doors

patio and screen door replacement

Patio Door Glass Replacement

Some patio doors come in standard sizes. King's Glass stocks the following common sizes of tempered replacement glass for patio doors (subject to availability).

Single or Dual Pane, clear glass only, no decorative grids or energy-efficient coating:
  • 28" X 76"
  • 34" X 76"
  • 46" X 76"
And single glaze only: 58 X 76"

We also provide custom sizes, low-E or other energy efficiency coatings, grids, textured or specialty glass and more. Contact us for more information.

All glass in a patio door or within 24 inches of a patio door must be safety glass. Look for a tempered logo in one of the corners of the glass - it's etched into the glass with acid to verify it is safety glass. If your existing glass is not safety glass, King's Glass must bring all glass in the area up-to-code.
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